Thursday, November 5, 2009


(updated at 11:38 with links...filing this post in dummies at blogging!)

I found this fun idea over at Denise's . You can visit Karla and join us in being thankful.

Today I am simply thankful for my blogging friends. Old and new. Yesterday Karla's post was about the telephone and she feared that being thankful for it was a bit silly. But I say no. I am so grateful for it and for this wonderful medium of blogging, texting and email. Just imagine what it would have been like many years ago when we waited on snail mail. We would not have felt peace from God through wonderful encouragement from other woman nearly as often. And, we would not have had the chance to make so many friends.

So today I am thankful that God gives me this opportunity to meet many people. And I am thankful they you are all so sweet and kind to pray for me and encourage me.

Why is it sometimes your links work and sometimes they don't? Denise's link is on my sidebar. You can find Karla by visiting Denise. I will work on fixing those links once the grandbaby gets here and settled in to play today.
Oh...can I add one more thing I am thankful for? You guessed it my sweet grandbaby. When I come back I'll add a photo.
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