Thursday, November 5, 2009

Date Night

Is a date night a priority for you and your husband? It isn't with mine. When did that happen? When did we get to the point where life crashed in and took away the joy and the fun times we used to have together.
Maybe your not at that place right now. But I think and I suspect that there are many that would agree with me if your not careful that is where you will end up.
So girl friends I challenge you to work at finding time for you and your man.
Don't let the kids, or finances, time, or work or even ministry to take away from spending time alone with your man. Maybe your in a rut or just plan tired. And maybe finances enter into the equation.
Maybe your like me and all of the above are your problem.
I need creativity. I need some ideas so if your one that has a date night or afternoon or morning whatever. Or maybe your like and don't have date night but maybe you have a fabulous idea.
Will you write a post about it. Share with those of us that need some encouragement.
And, you don't even have to do it on Friday the official Date Night day. You can post any day.
Just come back here and leave me a comment. And the fun thing about it is I'll choose my favorite suggestion of the week and send you a gift. Just for writing a post. How simple is that.
So help me out here. Write a post and give me some ideas for Date Night
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