Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Date Night

I have a date tonight. Guess where I am going?

Yes. I am going to a high school football game.

To see Faith Christian play Gainesville State School. These photo's are from last years game. Which we did get to see. It was amazing. There were a ton of news stories about the game.

It was amazing last year to be apart of the evening. We had no idea what was going on when we sat down on the State School side. We are volunteers for Texas Youth Commission and this game happened to be close to our home so we went to support the boys. When we sat down there were some parents from Faith Christian on our side but we just thought it was overflow. It was Faith's homecoming.

But it wasn't over flow. They were sitting on our side to cheer our boys! Instead of doing a one of those tunnels for the home team to run through at the beginning of the game Faith's parents and kids did it for Gainesville State School.

So tonight I have a date! Kind of like old times. Goin' with my honey to a high school game.

Do you have a date night planned? Or an afternoon on Saturday?

Or are you like me you dream of date night?

Yep that's right I dream of date night. And I bet there are bunch of you girls out there that dream of a chance to run off with your sweetie for date. Even a few minutes of quiet alone without a toddler or teenager needing your attention.

Girls we all need a chance to re-kindle that flame that drew us to our sweet heart.

And maybe there are those like me that need encouragement and ideas to drag our honey off the couch or out of the garage or away from the computer.

So help us out and share your dates with us. Give us some ideas for date nights. Especially those cheap ideas because let's face it there are a bunch of us that are on a budget. Or have no budget at all. Write a post and grab the date night photo then come back here to my blog and leave me a comment to let me know you wrote a post. You can do it anytime during the week.

Each Monday I'll choose my favorite idea and send you a thank you present. If you don't get it posted before Monday that's o.k. it'll just go into the next week.

I cannot wait to see all the ideas. Have a great weekend and enjoy your Hubby.
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