Thursday, November 19, 2009


Today I am joining two Thankful meme's. First continuing in the 30 Day's with Karla and posting one thing. I just couldn't leave it at one today.
So, I am joining Sonya again to post 5 more things I am thankful for.

The one thing I am thankful for is that I can hear. I was reminded of this yesterday when I visited Alicia and she was talking about worship. One of the ways that I worship is when I am in the house alone. I take that time no matter what time of day it is to turn on the c.d. package on our t.v. It plays continuous Praise and Worship music. While I listen I have a journal that I write prayers in. Most time my prayers contain the lyrics I am hearing. Opp's that leads me to my other 5!

#1 Today is being able to hear.

#2 I love Christian music. I am thankful that God gave so many people the words that I sometimes want to say but just can't articulate.

#3 I am thankful today that Cowboy was able to pay the electricity. We have heat and lights and the t.v. and the computer! I can listen to Praise music, I can visit my blogging friends and I can cook dinner. And I am thankful

#4 I am thankful that yesterday my Cowboy was surprised by a visit from our SIL (Son in Love) and our grandson.

#5...Which should have been #1. . . I am thankful that my Cowboy had a birthday yesterday. Which was the reason for the surprise visit.

Thank you for coming and visiting today. Please leave a comment and please hang around awhile. Hopefully I have written something that will encourage or inspire you.

And if you don't know I am still doing Friday Date Night. Post about a special date with your man or post about a dream date.

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