Friday, August 28, 2009

Book Review

The newest book by Max Lucado. I have to admit this is the first book by Max that I have read. Yes you read that right. I have never once read one of his books.

Now I know what people are talking about.

Fearless was an amazing book. We all face things like: job loss, health issues,doubt worry and concern for our children. Other things like self doubt, fear of disappointing God, fear of violence, fear of death.

Max Lucado eloquently addresses these issues with personal stories and stories of other peoples struggles. And takes each of these issues and leads us directly to promises and scripture that will equip us to trust in God and Fear less.

I was drawn into this book. It was an easy book to read. Not a self-help filled with strategies and acrostics and methods.

I is a book that takes you directly to scripture that reminds you or introduces you to God's promise. It takes you directly to individual scriptures and stories. And in Max's ability to tell a story he takes these stories from the Bible and makes them real. Brings them eloquently into present day language and describes the situation where you can understand and relate.

Chapter 14 was one of my favorites it addresses how we tend to put God or Jesus in a box. In this chapter Lucado takes us to Matthew 17 and the journey that Jesus took Peter, James and his brother John on. It describes how they reacted and what Jesus was trying to explain to them. When they fell on their faces in fear Jesus responded by saying to them. "Arise, and do not be afraid." And as they came down from the mountain Lucado summarizes their experience '...Here's my hunch. Peter, James and John descended the mountain sunburned and smiling, with a spring in their step, if not a slight swagger. With a Messiah like this one, who could hurt them?'

In today's world when we face daily challenges and struggles and issues that are out of our control. It is easy to feel troubled and anxious. Even as a believer a follower of Christ we all have days where life seems to just swallow you up and you need to feel God's love. God's protection and his strength. And many times you don't know which scripture to go to.

This book addresses so many different challenges, struggles and issues that people really do face. And it takes you directly to God's answer. To trust and Fearless.

If you know someone struggle with trusting God. I highly recommend this book. And, now that I have read it I look forward to reading more books by Max Lucado. Now I know what all the talk is about.

This is a great book for a small group or other group it contains a discussion guide at the end and there are additional resources available.

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