Saturday, August 1, 2009

Then Sings My Soul Saturday

I wasn't sure I was going to share this video here today. It was intended to be posted here but when I went by Amy's this morning she had posted 3rds Mountain of God. I love that song and the message and the reminder. So for some reason I was drawn back to youtube this morning.
I wanted to hear and see more Moutain of God videos. Ones that have the lyrics. I am a very visual learning and I love music videos with lyrics. I found a 3rd Day song I had never heard.
But it was more what was written by the person who made the video that caught my attention and broke my heart. At first I didn't read the whole post but I kept being drawn back to it. I am not going to link I am not going to get into this persons business by putting it out there for everyone to read. But I am going to share the one sentence that drew me in and wouldn't let me go. ' I put together this little slide show of sorts to represent my appreciation for Jesus Christ.
Note: Currently I am not practising Christian beliefs though I respect the religion..."
When I read more it broke my heart to see the hurt this person has and the confusion. I pray today that God really reveals who he really is and that her heart is broken and opened.

Here's the video I originally chose. The words are below because I really wanted you to be able to read them. (remember I am visiual) I get so absorbed in the videos I can miss the message of the lyrics.

Do you see me?”The question’s in her eyes“Do you relate to the pain I can’t disguise?”Oh, look beyond what you seeThe outside is not all there is
Won’t You tell me now when did I seeYou in need of water?Oh, and tell me now, when did I see YouHungry on the street?God, I hear You calling out to meIn the voices of the least of theseCalling me to reach beyond my worldTo the beautiful strangerBeautiful Stranger
He does not look like everyone elseDoes not fit in anywhere I knowYou ask me to be Your handsAnd show him now that he is loved
There’s beauty that lies deep withinWaiting to be discoveredGod help me see what You seeThe diamond in the stone
Written by Rebecca St. James, Carey Barlowe and Jamie Moore©2005 Up In The Mix Music / Rambuka Music (BMI) / Emack Music / Low Bar Music / Jamnu Music (ASCAP) / Admin. by EMI CMG Publishing

Father God,
Today I met a beautiful stranger. A stranger whose heart is broken and afraid. A stranger who is confused. A stranger that knows you in her head. My prayer today is that she will receive you in her heart. That her questions are answered. That you are revealed to her.
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