Friday, August 7, 2009

Fruitful Friday

Just under the wire I am getting in a Fruitful Friday post. I found this new meme when I visited Denise who sent me over here at Michelle's. I loved this meme because it is about serving. It is about writing or making a list of the things you did this week that were helpful to someone. Basically it is about being Jesus.

This week I had a really busy week. It began with my attempting to help one of the girls at our halfway house. I spent hours on the computer Sunday and Monday looking for a residential program for her. She has a unique story and needs Jesus so much. She is a believerd. She loves God but she hurts herself. Because of her past she cuts herself and has made numerous attempts at taking her own life. This poor little girl has been in prison since she was 12 years old. She is now 18. And in a few month she has to leave the security of the teenage prison system. She is living in the halfway house now while the system attempts to find a placement for her.
This is a sad story and I am sorry to begin this wonderful new meme with such a downer.

On an uplifting note another thing I did this week was dog sitting for our landlord. If you have read my blog for awhile I have mentioned before how great he has been. His truck broke down the other day and he had his dogs with him at work. Son on Wednesday night that got to stay with us. I got about 4 hours sleep. Woke up to a 10 month old German Shephed liking my face at 2:00 am among other exciting events.

This week I mailed a care package to one of the girls that I mentor. She had her gallbladder out and is recuperating. At 19 it is hard to stay at home all day. I sent a snowy scene puzzle so she can think of cool, a can of silly string, new slippers, some gum, a bowling game toy from the dollar store, and a word search book.

Thanks Michelle for hosting this new fun meme. It definately will encourage us to look for ways to be helpful and helping to others. I will enjoy reading what everyone else has done to just be Jesus to others.

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Have a Blessed Weekend.
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