Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Being Thankful on Tuesday

For some reason blogger wasn't cooperating and wouldn't let me load the photo's I had chosen. And so the subject of this post is impromptu.
I did want to thank everyone that participated in my More than a Friend post challenge. It was so much fun meeting everyones friends.
I am praying today about whether to put it up tomorrow or not. So I need feedback.
If you enjoyed it please leave me a comment and let me know.
BTW Peggy,Carla,Alicia,Denise,Grammy oh I am leaving someone out please forgive me but anyway I decided not to draw names because what I want to give away I can give to all of you because you were all More than a Friend to me last week. Please email me your addresses. I'll be sending something to you on Friday.
I am in a huge rush because the subject of my original post should be here in a few minutes and will keep me busy the rest of the day.
He was so cute when he left yesterday. He was dressed like a pumpkin to go and have photo's taken in a pumpkin patch. Hopefully my daughter will have the prints this afternoon and blogger will work and I'lls can them.
So until later. Everyone have a Blessed Day and please leave me a comment.

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