Friday, October 10, 2008

Show and Tell

Welcome to Show and Tell Friday hosted byKelli I love going over and visitng all the others that post Show and Tell.

My ministry schedule has changed alot in the last couple of weeks and so I have to re-evaluate and re-think my schedule so that I can keep on doing Show and Tell.
Today is late I really hope that some of you will go ahead and come on by.
My Friday mornings are now spent working with my Halfway House girls. This is a huge Blessing to me and a wonderful opportunity to serve God. Please come by on Sunday and Monday I will be posting about our ministry and linking to our ministry blog.

Here's my Show and Tell one of my favorite Fall decorations.

One of my favorite fall things are these coasters. I have one sitting on the computer desk to hold my bottled water or Dr. Pepper or Cowboys coffee in the morning. I have three others that are in an old wooden bowl waiting to be used on the other tables in our livivng room.
These are special because they were made for me by a friend when I lived in Missouri. When I pull them out in the fall I always think of her. Oh I am seeing a
More than a friend post. Don't forget to come by Wednesday!

I just love these coasters and I have made a bunch of them to sell and for gifts. The hardest part is finding a fabric that works. I have been working on some kits to sell in my new online shop that I hope to be opening soon.

And I want to share God's word today too. Because my mission for My Journey is to grow closer to God and serve him. And I hope by sharing a wonderful verse and illustration of God's word that you are Blessed.

This was Amy's Word Filled Wednesday illustration this week. I loved it because I am happy and joyful and Blessed and even though my song isn't really great to listen to (my grandbaby loves my singing) God loves to hear my song. I hope you are Blessed today.

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