Friday, March 14, 2008

Collection of quilts for my Children and Grandchildren

A Collection of Quilts for my children and grandchildren
(updated on Monday...I cropped one of the photos and it looks so much better. I added the dummies at blogging tag too!)

Hi Welcome again to my Show and Tell. I got the inspiration from Kelli over at There's no place like home.
Today I wanted to show you a quilt that I pieced for my daughter when she started college. I was on a trip to Texas using a borrowed friends car so I didn't want to drive too much so I went to a non quilt shop to purchase these fabrics. I got the inspiration from a magazine that I read on my trip down. My daughter was at the time planning to be a school teacher.
Notice that I said in my first line I pieced the quilt. As you can tell it isn't quilted yet. My daughter told me that she really hoped that she wouldn't start getting a bunch of apple themed gifts when she became a teacher. The quilt top got finished and packed away. I never told her about the quilt. BTW she changed her major and went into agriculture. She works for a large chicken producer and is expecting her first child.
Here is a photo of the current quilt that I am working on for her. Hopefully it will not become a part of the unfinished collection. And she will enjoy it.
I started this one a couple of years ago. It is a Cathedral Window and is hand pieced and quilted basically at the same time. It will be a large throw for her living room. It ends up being a really heavy quilt and really warm.
The next photo in this collection was fun.
This quilt I kind of "messed up" a bit. I took an easy star pattern with squares and triangles and instead of making a star I designed a new pattern. I like the way it turned out and it was good experience. It made a great just playtime quilt.
I hope you enjoyed seeing these quilts. I'll post more soon.
Have a Blessed Day and enjoy Show and Tell over at Kelli's blog. Her button is on my sidebar click on it and go see the Show and Tell's there.
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