Thursday, March 13, 2008

Friday Show and Tell

Good Morning. Welcome once again to Show and Tell Friday hosted by Kelli.
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My Show and tell is a little different today. Usually we all show things like collections or treasures. My Show and Tell today is more of an embarrasment to me than something I enjoy or am proud of. This is my front porch.

In these photo's it happens to be dry. But when it rains the porch fills with water. There are no gutters on the house. Hopefully you'll notice my attempt and decorating it with the rug and the bunny stepping stone.
But I need help. So here's the challenge to all you decorators out there. I need some no cost ideas to spruce this up. The area is too narrow for a chair. The window is to low for a planter box. The area gets too wet for much in the way of flowerbeds. Although at one time I did have monkey grass and some annuals but there isn't money in the budget for annuals.
My husband said it looks like Munsters house. So please help me with some ideas!
I know it does look pretty bad. But Daisy is waiting at the door to invite you in. And once inside you are greeted with some of the things I love. And here is one just in time for Easter.

Please leave me a comment and an idea for decorating. And come back tomorrow and I'll introduce you Rhett Butler.
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