Friday, February 22, 2008

Show and Tell Friday

Today is Show and Tell Friday over at Kelli's House. On my sidebar is her S/T button and lower down I think (I hope)is her link. (notice my categories at the bottom of my post)
I was prompted to show this collection by a comment from my last weeks S/T. Last week I showed my cookbooks and bookcase reading area I recently put in my kitchen.
(check it out) On one of the shelves is an Elephant creamer or small pitcher. That particular item is part of a collection that I will share today. But before I share the collection let me show you how it started.

This my daughter holding an elephant that my sister gave her for her birthday. So began the saga of the elephant. At one count there were over 200 in the collection.
Don't worry I haven't posted them all only a few.

The little creamer is back with a few friends. Unfortunately I wasn't the planner back then because I didn't mark where they came from or when or who gave them to her. The bigger one on the right with the baby is a cookie jar. (unfotunately he was attacked when he was taken out of the jungle. He was sitting innocently below a shelf containing horses and a wild bronco jumped down and knocked some other things down and pour mamma elephant in attempting to save her baby kicked the bronco and hurt her foot) This cookie jar contained flower petals from the flowers that my husband gave our daughter on her birthday. (how that began will be in a Sat. animal story post soon)
The two larger elephants on the left are a tea pots.(don't know why we never had a tea party. I love all you bloggers out there that have tea parties with your little girls. You inspire me. I'll dig out the tea pots when I have a granddaughter someday)
The little blue wrinkly guy and the Dumbo's are just part of the collection and I don't really remember anything special about them. I am sure that my daughter can.
I'll see her today and she will see these items in the living room. That was my hint from yesterday. The are sitting on the dresser on the far side of the fireplace for now.
This last photo I saved because it is really my favorite of the entire group. I did not buy it for my daughter. I bought it for myself. It sits in her room on the dresser. (I don't always hang pictures. You'll see when I show you my den).

I don't know if you can tell why I like it so much. To me this looks like my daughter and one of her big friends! She was in college when I found this and just had to have it. It brought back many memories.

I hope you have enjoyed my show and tell. Don't forget to come by tomorrow and read the dog story. I promise soon I'll post Daisy's story.

Have a Happy Day. Sherry
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