Thursday, June 30, 2022

Good Morning & Things I've Learned About Galveston


Good Morning.  I hope your day is going great. 

Today I am sharing a Few things I've learned about Galveston weather!  

I am having a slow morning here! It started raining in the wee hours. 

It is still raining.  I just got in from taking the dogs out.  One at a time since the stairs are wet I didn't want to chance a tumble!  

The last couple of weeks it's been really hot!  Really.  Really.  And I noticed that alot if folks don't water thier grass.  

Today I realized why!  We have had a ton of rain over the last few days. 

It's been mostly during the night lots of thunder and lightning that scare the dogs.  They end up in bed with us!   

I'll be washing sheets and bedding as soon as it quits raining! 

Here in Galveston we embrace the rain . . .

I actually found this photo on Pinterest.  My photo of this fun mural had lots of tourists walking into my shot.  Do I googled it.  This one is much better than mine! 

There are really cool murals all over town.  In public places and on homes . . . 

Galveston is a fun and colorful city.

And well . . .

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