Monday, June 27, 2022

Happy Homemaker in Texas


It's Monday and the start to a Fabulous new week?  

I am joining Sandra for her party with prompts . . .  

The weather . . . Whew it's sure is hot.  Reaching into upper 90's.  Rain is predicted this week.  I hope it cools things down.  As I look out my window . . . The street is quiet. Everyone is out and about enjoying summer!  Right now I am . . .  Writing my post and listening to the a/c.  Thinking & Pondering . . . About not much.  Just thinking  about this post and my plans for the week.  I am pondering how to get a little 'Me Time'.   How I am feeling l am feeling a little tired, emotional and frustrated with the Cowboys condition and his reaction and attitude.  He is back to sleeping all morning. The breakfast plate. . . 

I really like French toast!

Our breakfasts are really our lunches.  The Cowboy sleeps late. 

What I am wearing . . . Grey shorts and a Blue Tank Top with lace trim on neck and arms.  Found at  Walmart several years ago. I wish I had bought more.  

On my reading pile . . . 

 both of these are New Releases this week and on tours.  I need to get the read and reviews posted. And I am reading now 

 This one is sweet little RomCom new release.  I will be posting my review here in a few days. 
On my TV . . . Last night we watched Vets in Houston.  And Super Market Stakeout.  On the menu . . . 
Monday  Chili Rellenos, Spanish Rice and Pinto Beans from the freezer.  Tuesday  Oven Roasted  Chicken, Homemade Stuffing, Green Beans and Potatoes Wednesday Beef Stroganoff and Noodles and maybe a Salad more Green Beans Thursday Shrimp Fried Rice and Egg Rolls Friday Kielbasa, Fried Potatoes and Corn Fritters.  Looking around the house. . . Today we have both bedroom doors open to try to circulate the aire better.  I can see the 'free' couch I got when my neighbor moved. 

It is in our 2nd bedroom the Cowboy calls the 'Music Room'. I was wanting a place to sleep when the bedroom is too hot. The To Do List . . . Do a morning Devo.  Go to Dollar Tree. Mail a card to my new partner in my FB group.  The usual Sweep,Vacuum,Mop daily.  And laundry.  I have 3 loads this week.  I need to call our grandson.  14 year olds don't talk much! 
From the Camera. . . 

Our new date place.  When we were dating we went to Baskin Robbins.  We were excited that our favorite celebrities opened an Ice Cream Shop on the island. 

Devotional. . . 

Joining Sandra and the regular parties!  

Y'all have a great weekend! 

Trying to Sparkle
Even though!

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Luludou said...

Sorry to visit so late. Hope the cowboy feels better soon. Enjoy your week