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A Great Escapes Book Spotlight Character Guest Post-To Fetch A Scoundrel

This Scoundrel was harder to 'Fetch' than we thought
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We 'Fetched'

Scoundrel Blog Character Guest Post #1
Content submitted by the To Fetch a Scoundrel novella authors

Author names: Heather Weidner          
                        Jayne Ormerod
                        Rosemary Shomaker (yes, Shomaker)
                        Teresa Inge

Names of main dog characters:
                        Heather Weidner’s character, Oliver the Rottweiler      
                        Jayne Ormerod’s character, Natti the black Lab/mix    
                        Rosemary Shomaker’s character, Cloud the miniature poodle
                        Teresa Inge’s Yorkshire terrier dog characters are unavailable for this interview
Novella titles:    Heather Weidner – “The Fast and the Furriest”
                        Jayne Ormerod – “Pawsitively Scandalous”      
                        Rosemary Shomaker – “Ruff Goodbye”
                        Teresa Inge – “A Doggone Scandal”

To Fetch a Scoundrel From Another Point of View: A Secondary Character Speaks

Mutt Mysteries authors want to give the stage to some of their novellas’ secondary characters. Main characters can hog the spotlight; their perspectives of how plots unfold appear in other summaries. Listen here to how other characters describe the actions and canines in the three of the four “tails” of scandal and murder in To Fetch a Scoundrel.
From Rosemary Shomaker’s “Ruff Goodbye” character Sharon Powell: Hi. I’m Sharon Powell. In “Ruff Goodbye,” we say goodbye to my husband Curtis Powell. The story opens with Curt’s best friend Len Hayes holding a P&P Club meeting in Curt’s honor at Len’s restaurant, The Beacon. The club began as a Port & Porn Club, but that got the members into a sticky situation, compliments of one scoundrel. My husband Curt disapproved, as did other members, and the club became the Port & Poker Club. Clarion, a quiet black Lab makes a cameo appearance as Len, Perry, George, and Charlie drink port wine and salute Curt. I’m not at this gathering, but Len’s wife tells me that Len told her that Perry was out of line at the meeting.
I directly experience Perry’s misconduct the next evening at Curt’s funeral home visitation. He gets “handy” with me in the parking lot, the oaf! Thank goodness Len and Joyce are there to support me, because the antics of Perry and of Lucy Powell, Curt’s ex-wife, fray my nerves. My daughter Julie (Curt’s stepdaughter) and Curt’s miniature poodle Cloud liven things up at the funeral home, too. People from Curt’s past, including a suspect in a deadly warehouse accident and old co-workers, attend the event, as do Curt and Lucy’s three sons. A “cloud” from my past also shadows the event. A viewing—yep, open casket—for a local, ahem, businessman, is held at the same time and location. I count five “scoundrels” in the story already. My husband Curt was a great guy. His friends and relatives? You’ll have to be the judge. 

From Jayne Ormerod’s “Pawsitively Scandalous” character Ryleigh Duncan: Hi. I’m Ryleigh Duncan, known around my neighborhood of Grant’s Garden as a free spirit. While I may dress like a gypsy at times, it is more for comfort than a reflection of my personality. Now that I think about it, I do not like being restricted either by clothing or by societal norms. If that is the definition of a free spirit then yes, I will wear that label proudly.
I’m friends with Pilar Pruitt, who owns her own party planning business. She’s a bit more conventional than I am, but we get along well. We hang out together at the dog park. My dog Chewy (short for Chewbacca . . . yes, I’m a Star Wars fan!) and her dog Natti love to romp and play. Pilar and I like to chat and while enjoying her latest concocted beverage. You know, the kind that loosens tongues. As a result, we know each other’s darkest secrets. And we thought we knew all the secrets of our neighbors. But boy, were we wrong! Some icky stuff going on in our quiet little ’hood. Some stuff that leads to murder. Sad business, that. But all’s well that ends well when Pilar and I team up and catch the killer. In hindsight, it was a thrilling experience. But at the time, not so much. I think from now on I’ll stick to reading murder mysteries, and not living them.  

From Heather Weidner’s “The Fast and the Furriest”: Hello, I’m Henry Green, and I’ve been a part of the Amelia Racetrack since its founding when I was kid in the 1960s. Auto racing is just part of our family. When my brother passed away, he willed his share of the business to my niece, Cassidy. She quit her job in marketing in a fancy building in downtown Richmond and started working full-time at the track.
Sometimes, her promotional ideas are a little out there for me, but she does a good job of keeping customers coming through the gates. My house is on the edge of the property, and she moved into her dad’s farmhouse with her Rottweiler Oliver, who’s really a big pussycat. But when he’s on duty, he’s all business. Recently, Cassidy and Oliver found the body of one of our drivers in the garage, and they helped uncover clues that led to the arrest of the murderer. It’s an interesting life, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. 

Sorry readers miss input from Teresa Inge on this subject. Teresa’s “A Doggone Scandal” in To Fetch a Scoundrel features Yorkies Cagney and Lacey and Catt Ramsey, owner of Woof-Pack Dog Walkers. Whose voice would you want to hear? Secondary character Jonathan Ray would have opinions on Catt’s and her sister Emma’s proclivity for sleuthing!

About the book 
The mystery-solving mutts are back! To Fetch a Scoundrel, the second in the Mutt Mysteries collection, features four tail-wagging novellas. Each story puts pups’ noses to the ground, as scandals are unleashed and killers are collared. Once you’ve finished reading these tall “tails,” you’ll no longer wonder, “Who let the dogs out?” You’ll just be glad somebody did!

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So glad to see our "interviews" with secondary characters here; we Mutt Mystery authors thank you for spreading the word about To Fetch a Scoundrel. It's super to read the novellas, try to pinpoint the scoundrel, and relate the stories to scoundrels you've known in life!