Monday, May 22, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday

Welcome Dear Friends 
Thanks for joining me today for 
Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather--I am a bit of a broken record!  I love springtime in Texas.  Our weather is gorgeous.  Some days it makes it to the low 80's.  There is always a beautiful breeze.  We have a rain shower or two almost every week. 

On My Reading Pile
Written Off by E.J. Coppermann  this is cool.  I read Edited Out for a tour.  I enjoyed it.  I always do some research and visit the authors website.  On a whim I decided to write the publicist and offer to review book one in the series!  Today I will begin 
Edited Out.  As soon as I am done I will be interviewing the author!

Favorite blog post from last week 
Gathered my supplies to put in tote
Carol at Comforts of Spring shared a fun post.  Getting ready for a picnic.  She linked at The Fabulous Party!
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Blog hopping
Join the Summer Pen Friend Exchange!
Sarah at Classical Homemaking shared her new blog along with a pen-pal sign up.  Click here to visit and sign up.

Something fun to share
The Fabulous Parties at Our Holiday Journey. You can link any day/every day.  This month the them is 'Our Fabulous Blogs' feel free to link any Family Friendly blog post old or new.  
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On the menu this week 
Monday--Lasagne (the last package from the freezer, Salad, Bread
Tuesday-- Shake and Bake Pork (loins were on sale I found 
Shake and Bake marked down to .50.  it is $1.99 normally!)
Sweet Peas and Rice
Wednesday--Goulash, Green Beans, Corn and bread
Thursday--Kid Friendly Mac/Cheese, Strawberries, Cucumber
(from my garden!!!!!) Yes the kid eats cucumber who would have thought. 
The adults will eat Barbeque Ribs, Coleslaw, French Fries
Friday--hmmm I always bogg down on Friday!  Any suggestions.

On the To Do list 
Monday--work 2 houses/read/write reviews/laundry
Tuesday--work easy day 1 house I have a helper today to fold towels
Wednesday-- work easy day 1 house, Sweep and mop kitchen/read/write reviews.
Thursday--work 1 house but long day! Helper day! My grandson is always looking for jobs!  unload dishwasher, work in garden, take out compost.  
Friday--work 2 houses on Friday, come home and read.

 In the craft basket--I have completed 2 journals for blog friends but I am stuck on the covers.  I need inspiration!  
I need to get these finished and in the mail.

Looking forward to this week--Thursday when my grandson comes.  We will work in the garden and maybe cook something.

One of my simple pleasures--When a teenager that I/we've mentored calls.  Last week we had a wonderful visit with a girl I mentored 10 years ago.  She was 15.  She is a wonderful grown woman.  I am so happy and proud of her!

From the camera
The neighbors great us on our way to church. 
Scripture art and apparel at

Thanks for visiting and sharing my week! 
Wishing you many Blessings for your week. 
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