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Book Review/ Author Interview-His Last Rodeo-By Claire McEven

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About the book (provided by Tasty Book Tours)
Back in the saddle again… 
Tyler Ellis catches Kit Hayes completely off guard when he swaggers back home and into the bar she manages. Since high school, he's been a champion rodeo star…a notorious playboy…and now, apparently, a bar owner. She accepts his offer of a hefty bonus and helps him transform the place because she's desperate to escape their tiny town in the Sierras. She doesn't expect him to work this hard beside her. Where's the cocky cowboy he's supposed to be? Instead she discovers he's still the sweet, genuine young man she once knew. And so much more…including a threat to the adventurous life she craves.
384 Pgs. |Heat: 3 | Series Info
Harlequin Superromance | Rel: May 1, 2017
And I thought . . .
I may be biased but I love a good romance.  And Cowboys well my readers know how I feel about a certain Cowboy. (mine)

I thoroughly enjoyed the romance between bartender Kit and bar owner Tyler is just a fun love story.

The title His Last Rodeo gave me negative vibes...I mean who wants to it to be the last Rodeo? Negative vibe aside the 'ride' was a welcome change from the books I normally read.  

As I said I love a good romance and this one was. 

The story/plot was great.  It's your basic guy/girl story. They meet or in this case 're-meet', get together and then split and then get back together and all is Happily Ever After.  Which is what this reader and probably most expect.

I loved the characters Kit and Tyler were just a cute couple. 
When Tyler returns home after years away and fortunes made Kit is surprised, bit suspicious and annoyed in the beginning.  Maybe a little more than annoyed when Tyler announces he is the new owner of the bar she intended to buy herself!

It doesn't take long for their old friendship to return and not much longer for the romance to blossom again.  

Along the way there are a few bumps in the road for the couple. 

But they weather the 'ride' and end up Happily Ever After. 

I look forward to reading more in the series and additional books
by Claire McEwen. 
The description indicates a 3 in the 'heat' category.  I would 
consider more of a 2 a very low 2.  

I received a complimentary copy from Tasty Book Tours.
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Author interview

Thanks for having me on your blog!  Thanks for stopping in!

Ice breaker--Favorite place to write?
Maybe I’m boring but I love to write in my office, which is really just the corner of our spare room.  When I write there I can have the music I want, the snacks I want, tea or coffee, I can write standing up or sitting down, I can write in my jammies… it really is the perfect place for me!

About the book - If His Last Rodeo became a movie on (the fictional) Cowboy channel what actor would you place in the role of Tyler? Kit?
The Cowboy Channel - what a great idea! I’d subscribe!   Scott Eastwood would have to play Tyler Ellis.  Absolutely.  And Kit?  Well on Pinterest I pinned photos of Kat Von D as my inspiration.  But she’s not actually an actress.  Hmm…Megan Fox would make a great Kit, I think.

Leaving the rodeo circuit and becoming a bar owner does Tyler bring a horse with him to town?

Tyler doesn’t bring a horse, but he purchases a couple during the book. And Kit falls in love with one of them, and she and Tyler revisit their childhood camaraderie when they go riding together. Those were really fun scenes to write!

About the series-How did you choose the location? Are the books in the series related or completely separate stories?

His Last Rodeo is the last book in my four-book Sierra Legacy series. Each book stands alone, and I would say that, out of all of them, His Last Rodeo is the most independent from the previous books.

So far, I’ve set all of my books in my fictional town of Benson, nestled against the east side of the Sierras.  I love that area of California because it’s gorgeous, and it has so much rich setting for romance. Gorgeous views, mountains, ranches, high desert, lakes, rivers… there were so many possibilities for stories!  Plus, I wanted to travel there in my imagination every time I wrote. 

I’m working on a new series now, set in a fictional town on the Northern California coast.  It’s so fun because there are wineries and ranches, as well as a harbor, beaches, and a really cute town.  The story possibilities seem endless!

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