Thursday, February 9, 2017

Thankful Thursday

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Today first on my list is I am thankful I am writing a Thankful post. I have missed the last few weeks.

I am Thankful for family events that have gotten me behind on posting.   I am sorry Michelle I have missed writing a Thankful post and linking.
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I had a busy and eventful weekend.  I loved spending the day with my grandson.  We went to  McDonalds on Saturday.  On Sunday we went to visit his horse.  Then stopped at Michael's and Sprouts and ended the day at Sonic. 

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We began our day Saturday at the court house where my grandson goes every other weekend for a supervised visit with his father. 

I am thankful for the system and the efforts that they make to keep all the children and families safe.  Although I am thankful I am not an advocate for how the system works.  It is a 'real' eye opener to see all the children there going in to see a parent.  I am thankful that I only have one grandchild having to go through this ordeal.  
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I am thankful for the gorgeous weather we had been having. 
Spring is close.  I planted some basil, green onions and some tomatoes in my greenhouse.  I am thankful for my greenhouse. 
I love it!
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I am thankful for my blogging friends.  A few are on my prayer list right now.  I love you guys.  I pray God's hand on each and everyone of you.  
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So do you have a list? Why not write it down and share with Michelle for Thankful Thursday  over at It's A Small Town Life

I'll be sharing the love and linking at a few of my favorite parties.  For links look at my parties page. 

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