Monday, February 27, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday -My Plans For The Week

Happy Homemaker Monday
The Weather...
I love the Texas weather. We are jumping between beautiful Spring like days to cloudy Wintery days.
We get 'teases' of spring alot!  I love being teased!

Outside My Window...
Many of you know we moved from an apartment in Oct. to a wonderful house!  I just realized that even though I no longer have a view of an ugly parking lot.  I do have the same view. 
We are 1 house away from a school.  I can't see the school from my house.  But being so close I do see neighbors walking around the school and past my house.  I see lots of people walking dogs.

On My Reading Pile...
All for review in the next couple of weeks.  Most of my reviews are pre-written and scheduled.  I have to write reviews as soon as I finish a book it just works for me.  But this way I can get them scheduled and give myself time to write a regular blog post. 
Starting this week hpefully you'll be able to visit me everyday to see a blog post.  Even if there is a reviewing showing as the main post.  Look at the side-bar for a Featured Post which will be my post of the day.

Something Fun To Share...
The Fabulous Spring/Easter link party!  This months party is 
live over at Our Holiday Journey.  Click Here to visit and link.
Welcome Spring
On The Menu This Week...
Monday-Chicken Spaghetti, Broccoli Salad, Garlic Bread hmm need another veggie I think
Tuesday--The Cowboy Chef is in the kitchen. 
Wednesday--Briskit, Crockpot Pinto's, One Potato Salad 
Thursday-- Kid Friendly Homemade Mac-n-cheese, Homemade
Chicken Tenders, Homemade Olive Garden Salad & fruit for the kid.
Friday--Tacos, Leftover Beans, Rice
Saturday--Steak I hope we can find some one sale this week. 
Otherwise it will be 'Freezer surprise'
Blog Hopping a new discovered blog...
The other day I met Cecilla at The B Farm.  She has a lovely blog where she shares about home and life.   I enjoyed her latest post about her trip to England.  At the end she shared this . . .

A box to store tea. She made it!  How cute is that?  Click here to read the post and see how she did it. 

On My To Do List...

  1. Keep myself organized all week. I seem to lately bog down on Wed after work because I am so tired.
  2. Start more seeds in the greenhouse.
  3. Rotate wall art and bring in some Spring time to the house
  4. Begin planning (with my grandson) my daughters birthday in March.  It will be an elephant party with many 'old' friends
  5. Plan a Spring Beatrix Potter tablescape
In The Craft Basket...
Post cards, junk journal for the winner of the February party

Looking Forward To This Week...
Being energetic and not tired at the end of the week.

Looking Around The House...
My sewing/crafting room is coming together.  I have fabric on the shelf now.  The mantle is bare but Spring is in the air.   
I am coveting our library table that is in the living room now. 
Hoping that The Cowboy gets the glass shelves put together this week so the library table can come into my sewing/crafting room.

From The Camera...And One Of My Simple Pleasures
This face ...
She tries not to laugh when he is being photo shy again.  See the entire shoot with no words on Wednesday! 

On The Prayer List...
2016 BJ Sweet Nothings click here 
to visit her blog.

So that's a few plans for my week.  I hope you have a great week!    
Linking with a few fav's
Happy Homemaker Monday

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