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Home To Paradise-Book Review

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The series. . . 
Product DetailsSeasons in Paradise: The Coming Home Series - Book 2 by [Cameron, Barbara]

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About the author...
I was intrigued when I read about the author.  Maybe you will be too. Check out her website and bio.

And I thought. . . 
Nothing like I expected. 

Barbara Cameron is a  new author for me so I didn't really know what to expect.   Sadly I had in my mind another ho hum Amish 

And I was wrong!

I was totally enchanted.  Maybe it's because the main settings were the horse farm that John worked at.  And the quilt classes at the local women's shelter where Rose Anna works teaching classes.  Horses and quilts are my two passions. 

It's not just a romance between John and Rose Anna.  It's about the town and the people.  

I enjoyed all the characters from Brooke the quilter suffering from PTSD and her dog King to Kate the female police officer who has her own share of struggles from her past deployment.  

The class atmosphere drew this reader in.  The studio/classes were offered to women from a shelter.  

John's boss Neil who became a compassionate and father figure to John.  And even the horses the stallion Midnight and the mare Willow seemed to have personalities that drew me in. 

Each character was developed and made the story so interesting that I didn't want it to end.  

I enjoyed that most of the chapters ended with John or Rose Anna's thought and/or feelings about what was happening in the chapter... 

'...He might not have much,but he had a skill, a strong body, 
and determination to make his own way. 
He figured he had a lot after all.'

...What a morning thought Rose Anna, joining the other women in laughter.  it had stated with tears and high emotion and was ending in shared laughter.  
Quilting was the thread that bound them together just as it did the women in her community.  It gave them a reason to gather, to share their joy and their pain and their hopes and fostered their creativity...

I enjoyed reading Home To Paradise.  It is a book that has earned a permit home on my book shelf.  

This is a series that I plan to go back and read the other installments.  

I am interested in how the women's shelter came to be.  I wonder if there is more about Kate in the earlier books. 

And I look forward to reading about the romances of the John 
and Rose Anna's siblings.  

I received a complimentary copy of Home To Paradise from Litfuse. 

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