Thursday, December 8, 2016

Thankful Thursday

Hello.  I hope your  having a super day.  I am really, really late posting today.  It was a long and hard day yesterday even though it was my birthday. 
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 I was too tired last night to post. But here I am now with my Thankful post!

I am joining my friend Michelle for Thankful Thursday.  Here's my list.  

At the top and #1 I am Thankful for our house . . . 
Image result for 239 hovenkamp st. keller,texas From google maps. 
This photo has to be 5 years or older.  I haven't taken any of the front of the house.  I am so thankful to be here.  Here are a few shots of the inside that I haven't shared before . . . 
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My kitchen isn't very big.  But there are lots of cabinets!
The photo's are very dark but maybe you'll get the idea . . .
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See why I haven't posted them.  Dark and not great shots. 
This is the living room.  You can't really see the fireplace. 
The door opens into this room . . . 
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Another terrible shot.  This has to be my favorite room!  
Wait till you see it at Christmas!  I'll be posting over the weekend. HeHe you'll have to come back!
I promise next week I'll show you some better shots all decked out for Christmas. 

Another thing that I am Thankful for is my son's job.  After being married for 15 years and giving up horses this year he was offered a job at a horse barn.  The timing was perfect and he began his dream job.  He is a barn manager at a breeding facility.   He doesn't get to ride but he's around horses everyday. 

And then only a few months later he was offered a job at another barn.  He is working 2 jobs.  He is now training.   He is super happy.  Here's a photo of  him teaching . . .
He's finally accomplished his dream.  In October he was able to take a horse that he had only been training for 6 months to a big 
show in Oklahoma.  He is a reiner.  Which is similar to figure skating.  He placed 6th.  A fantastic placing for only having been riding the horse for a short time. 

And then only a few weeks later a miracle happened . . . 
. . . after 11 years he was reunited with his horse.  

I cannot tell you what a Praise the Lord this was.   Her return to our family has brought us all together in a way that I had literally given up on.  He is calling and talking to his sister she lives here, he is in Missouri.  Just his job brought them back together.  But having Speck back was the impetus to bring them closer.    

There is much more that I can and I will share about this story. 
This story is truly a miracle.  God truly answered many prayers for this family.  

And that is what I am Thankful for.
Has something happened that you are over the top Thankful for?
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