Friday, December 23, 2016

Thankful Thursday On Friday

I was so disappointed I didn't get to write a Thankful post to share 
with Michelle at It's A Small Town Life.
She has a delightful blog and is now hosting a Thankful Thursday party. 
The linky is still open it's not tou late to share your Thankfulness!

This week I am super thankful for my job and my clients.   I 
began cleaning houses in February.  God's timing brought me three wonderful families.  I added a small family just a few weeks ago.  My newest client gifted me an extra $100.00!  

Merry Christmas

Last week I did a one time job with a family moving into a 
ritzy town 8 minutes from where I live.  I spent 8 hours opening boxes in the kitchen!  Never moved to any other room!  Cowboy cannot say I have more kitchen stuff than anyone else!  
It was a one time job and I made $25.00 an hour.  

Merry Christmas

And I am thankful that we are providing and serving breakfast and lunch at the boys rehab unit where we serve.  We provide Sunday worship services every week.  Since Christmas is on Sunday The Cowboy wanted to do something special. 
We were able to rais $1000.00 to buy Tim Tebows Book 
Shaken to give to the boys and the staff.  All these funds were from one ladies group!   (The publisher gave them to us at 60% off retail.)
They also did a fundraiser at a local restaurant we received $250.00.
Another local barbque restaurant provided ribs and dirty rice. 
The local Krispy Kreme is providing donuts.  
We sold wrist bands to raise money to buy the rest of the food. 
We hired a caterer do briskit and beans.  He wouldn't allow us to pay him.  He thought we needed potato salad so he added that and chicken and sausage.  
The Cowboy teased the boys and promised the only thing 
green (veggie) they would have is jalepenos, pickles and guacamole.  We were really worried we wouldn't raise enough money for guacamole but we did!  

This morning The Cowboy delivered the frozen pies, guacamole
and 10 dozen eggs that have been in my fridge since Tuesday!  

It's been almost 5 years since we've done anything this big. 
We were worried because we have lost all our local connections. 

But we shouldn't have been worried.  God is in control and he provides.  

Today The Cowboy stopped at the resale store we like to shop in. It isn't too far from the facility and sometimes boys are allowed to work there.  He was surprised and super happy to see a boy there.  He had told us he would be leaving last week.  

But the staff didn't get all his papers arranged in order for him 
to leave.  

He said to The Cowboy.  'I wasn't too excited to go home.  I've never had a family Christmas.  I think that it was God's will for me to stay and have a 'real' Christmas. 

The Cowboy tough guy that he is cried when he told me.  I am thankful he listened to God and decided to do something special for Christmas for some young men that really need to see 
what the Season is all about.   
Image result for the reason for the season

Image result for the reason for the season
Merry Christmas

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