Friday, December 16, 2016

What's Under The Tree. . .

. . . This week I had a little help finishing off some decorating,
I saved our vintage wooden train set for our grandson to put under the tree . . . 

It was a fun photo shoot.  He took great care putting the animals around the train just right. 

When he was done I wanted a better shot so I had him crawl under the tree . . . 
 :      :
Ever  so carefully he inched his way under the tree. And then posed for the camera  . . . 
With a cheesy grin. And then he had to fix the animals that fell down. 

A couple of days later we were cleaning out some things we had in storage.  We found one of the boxes of a small collection of antique toys . . . 
We added our cow.  Who likes like a giant! Those poor animals 
I bet they are so afraid of him.  We walks and Moo's!

We also found this primitive one. He is on a wagon and rolls. 
He isn't old but I love him anyway.  He was a present from my sister one year.  

We had a great week bringing things home from storage.  It was almost like Christmas!

So that is what's under my Christmas tree.  What's under yours?

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