Thursday, November 3, 2016

My Thrifty Fall Mantle And A New Treasure

To my new sewing room.  Today I'm going to give you a little teeny tiny peek of what I've been doing . . . 
Some of you know we've just moved into a house from an apartment.    
Everyone thinks I am silly but I am just so happy to have dirt!
I'll be doing this in the spring.  But right now I'm and tweekin' things and making everything cozy.  

Today I worked on the mantle that is now in the sewing room.

This is my pretend antique mantle I got for my birthday last year.   T:
I've always wanted one the Cowboy found it on craigslist in a town 45 minutes away.  It's not old but I love it.   It needs a paint job. 
And someday I'll buy some fancy paint and pretty her up. But for
now I just cover her with pretties like this . . . 
My thrifty $1.00 frames.  The welcome sign was .99 I think. 
The clear container my mother got free and gave to me.  
Probably the most expensive thing here are the macrame beads The Cowboy bought in about 1980 for me for Christmas.  
Do you know what macrame is?  HeHe.  
The gold sconce that is still awaiting for me to hang is one of a pair. They were donated for a garage sale.  No one bought them so I kept them. 
I added a couple of really big pine cones.  I didn't even realize our neighbor had a pine tree.  We were driving down the street and I saw one in the middle of the street!  I startled The Cowboy when I kind of yelled 'Stop' but he's used to it!
I love the collection of thrifty Fall.  Can you see the drawing of Fall leaves? 
My DIL did this for me last year.  I need to find a frame.  But I think they look good just resting on the frames. A little 
Every Fall I always bring out my pumpkin wagon.  It's Department 56 and was part of the Dickens Village collection.  I don't think it's actually Dickens they have so many different collections.
The wagon and those beads are probably the most expensive part of the mantle.  
The orange bird was  $5.00 on clearance at Big Lots.  

Part of this vignette is actually priceless . . . 
Adorable Turkeys made of hands and feet.  The big one is my 15 year old grandson.  The two smaller ones are my DIL and grand daughter.  My son was a scrooge! 
The little pumpkin on the box I got last year from a student.  it's really cute.  
The wooden box is old.  I got it in 1976 when I graduated from high school.  It is a mini Land cedar chest.  A furniture store in town gave them away.  

I love having my mantle in my sewing room.  Which is not together yet.  But I'm working on it.  

And today I got a treasure.  My daughter rolled her eyes but she carried it out of the store and set it securely in my grandsons car seat. He was at school. Thanks goodness! HeHe

Here's what I got.  Guess what I paid for it. . . 
I know.  It is so ugly it's cute.  At least to me.  It is cream but I think it blends well with the white look I am working on in my sewing room.  The fringe is really shabby and needs to be replaced but for $1.00 who could pass it up!  Not me!
It made my day to get to go thrifting with my daughter. 
And The Cowboy offered to go back to the same store tomorrow!

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