Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Outdoor Wednesday-My New Back Yard-Mini Tour

I have dirt.  I am so happy.  If you've been a reader of my blog for awhile you know I've been whining for a couple of years that I wanted to move. 
     Well the whining is over!  Yea.  We have a house!
                                   Image result for 239 hovenkamp st. keller,texas
A photo of the house from google images.  I haven't taken a photo yet.  

But I have taken some shots around the yard to show you my dirt!
I was so excited to see there is a fountain.  Not really sure if it is in working condition doubt it seriously because it appears to be far from any water source.  But the basics are there.  

Close to it in the back corner is this area . . . 

There appears that there was once a corner garden.  You might not be able to see from the photo but there are solar lights.  There pots hanging from the trees.  

Here you can see how far the fountain is from the actual corner.

I was attempting to capture the lights.  It was too sunny for me to see.  But it you look close there are 4 small oak trees.  
We plan to leave them.  Everything else will be removed.  There are lots of what the Cowboy calls 'scrub'
All the foliage in this shot is that 'scrub'.  Can you see the pot hanging?
This is a tree.  Yes really it is.  It's branches are actually touching the ground in some places.  

We didn't even realize the fountain was there because it was so overgrown.  
This is an interesting shot.  You can see the shadow on the left is one of my favorite parts of the house.  I'll show you in a minute. 
The tree shadow in the foreground is actually a crepe myrtle that is as tall as the house.   On the left is the big tree's shadow.  

A shot standing under the tree looking west.  
The area to the left is surrounded by rail road ties.  It is covered in pea gravel which is covered with grass and weeds. 
The Cowboy says we need to 'round up' it!  I'm planning the veggie garden here in raised beds.  

       So does this yard just not look perfect for me?  
Yes it is soooo seriously overgrown.  But a little chainsaw action and it'll be cleared and cleaned right up! 

        And now to show you the best part of the house!
A little sneak peek . . . 
We are calling this the Lodge Room.  The floor is concrete and will need to be stained.  
But check this out . . . 
Three sides are glass.  We have the lawn chairs inside now because we have no place else for them.  We are deciding on furniture.  We think our Equipali table will sit in the corner
                                     Handmade Mexican Equipale Rustic Wood and Pigskin Table Chair Set
Right now it is sitting in The Cowboys room/man cave until we find furniture for that room.  

So that is part one of my new yard.  I'll be posting pic's soon of the front yard.  And my pots of plants that survived the move.  

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