Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Virtual Antique Shopping

Spending a little time with my feet up and surfin' . . .
Thought I'd do a virtual visit to my favorite shop and share some treasures . . . 

I've always wanted a shop.  I love display.  Reminds me of Green Acres.  In a good way.  Lovin' that cowhide.  I just think this mix 
is dreamy.  

Another cowhide.  This isn't a current pic.  I wish it was I need that 
rectangle frame.  Can't you just see it as a chalkboard.  I have the perfect spot!
Handpring Heart
Cropped because I didn't want you to see the dirty a/c vent.  And yes that is a heart shape handprint art masterpiece on my wall.
Which is next to my mantle that has 'yes' your right Fall.  Isn't it
See I seriously need a chalkboard to replace the Valentine Art which I just haven't had the heart to take done.  

I need to do a little more shopping . . . 

It's not just antiques.    Love this table set for Easter.  I collect bunnys.  I have dreams of doing a springy tablescape.  
I love the linens.  Look how crisply starched they are.  I want the iron this person used! 

Love the white table setting.  And look at that table! Love it!
Very nice display.  A great combination of old and new; textures and finishes.  

Did you notice the silver.  Another dream I have is to collect old silver.  I know its sooooo pricey.  But I figure I'll just mix and match.  I love mixing things up!

Wasn't that fun?  I hope you enjoyed shopping at my favorite place 
for antiques.    
                         Do you have a favorite antique shop?

Before you go would you mind leaving me a comment and letting me know if you like the Huge photo's?  Ocassionally I like to play around!  What do you think?

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