Friday, October 23, 2015

Saga of a Scarecrow

. . . So I invited this Scarecrow for Thanksgiving 


I should have invited a Turkey.....
Dresden Turkey Mini-Quilt / Wall Hanging Pattern - Jan Patek Quilts:
                                  Or two!
My scarecrow is not cooperating.  I mean seriously.  I am on a deadline here!  
I had these plans to hang this quilt above the fireplace.  
               I'm thinking I need to regroup.  And make Turkey. 
Or maybe something simple . . . 
                                        Be Thankful! Even though this is made from fabric, perhaps I can re-do it using scrapbooking paper...maybe put in a shadowbox frame? Hmmm....:
            Seriously lovin' this.  I could whip this up in no time!
Oh my goodness there are too many wonderful ideas on Pinterest!
                           Fabric Pumpkin:
Oh my goodness.  I'm making a couple of these for the table and mantle.
    And then something really, really simple for the wall above. 
   I'm thinking that scarecrow is gettin' retired for another year!

I've always wanted to make this quilt . . . 

 New from Primitive Gatherings!  Lisa, I love this quilt..........simply marvelous!:
Need to start for next year.  Would look great with that pesky scarecrow! The quilting is gorgeous.  And I love the added stitchery.

I have a better idea all together.  So simple. No fuss.  Well maybe a little messy.  But fast!  And I need fast!
                                                   this would be a fun shirt for the kids to make for themselves (and if I use fabric paint, I can save them for their t shirt/memory quilts I plan to make them when they go to college):
I'm so doin' this. Forget that scarecrow and his friends.  This year it's gonna be paint!
           Our grandson is coming over tomorrow.  Perfect timing!

Wow what a load off!  Now I can relax and conquer that 'ole Scarecrow without a time line!

                So who have you invited for Thanksgiving?


Denise said...

you are so talented.

Jeanette said...

I agree! I think the painted turkey is the way to go, plus your Grandson will love it! Now you can relax and enjoy the process!

Molly the Airedale said...

Our mom LOVES pumpkins! The quilt is just gorgeous!
Have a wonderful weekend☺