Monday, October 12, 2015

Blue Images/ Blue Emotions

Sharing some fun bittersweet memories today.  
We drove by the house we raised our children in the other day. 
 I found a little Blue to look at.  And a lot of Blue emotions.(insert sigh) . . . 
I love this house.  Still do always will.  The only problem aside from it's hard to landscape is it sits on 1/2 acrea. 
We need land. Give me land!  Theres a song there I know it.  
It's a little sad looking to me.  But it's a really, really young couple and this property takes a lot of maintenance. 
The rock on the bottom level is new.  It was all brick when we owned it.  I wish we had the foresight to change to rock.  I would have found a way to do both tiers.
There was no bed on the bottom.  The entire bottom was covered in saint agustine grass.  
Notice the lamps?  They weren't original.  There was only on the mailbox which is what you see on the far left forground.  
One year some vandals came by and busted lamps on mail boxes. 
Worked for me! Yes!  I got enough money with the insurance to wire the walls going up the stairs and added 4 more lights and got a new fixture for the porch. 

I know I keep showing the same photo's but they do have Blue . . . (insert wink)
Originally the middle tier was covered in jasmine.  You can't see it but there and flower beds on either side of the chimney.  I planted caladiums in the spring.  
I also planted a grape ivy which I loved.  When we left it covered the chimney and around the front window.  
Our daughters room was in that corner.  She loved the ivy covering the window.  It was kind of like living in a castle because it seemed so high up. 
Can you imagine; knowing me how I decorated this place.  One year in the fall I ran across a pumpkin patch at a bank.  They were giving away pumpkins but they had more pumpkins than 'takers'.  I got a truck load!  I had a pumpkin on each tier.  I think about 20 or more. Plus a Hay bale with pumpkins by the door.  
                              I so need to dig out old photo's!
541 Sunset Dr, Hurst, TX
  this shot I found on google.  This house has gone through lots of owners in the last 10 years                                                                     
Notice the fence.  We had an iron fence on the bottom and wood all the way around. I loved my iron gate but this one is really nice.                       
Over on the left the yard is flat.  The property bordered an empty lot which my kids called the woods.  The thought they were really doin' something.  It was a whole 1/2 acre but to them it was 
The Hundred Acre Woods.

Yep those were the days.  I loved this house.   I would move back in a minute especially when I saw what the backyard looks like now!

                               I think I'll call a realtor! 
Thanks for sharing my Blue Monday.  Go over and visit Sally!


Linda Kay said...

That's a beautiful home, indeed. I can definitely see why you would move back.

LV said...

Definitely a place most anyone would love to own. Truly beautiful. Yes, the restaurant was in Roanoke, called MATTS I think. Not sure but it was a Mexican place and fairly new. This sign was on one side of it.Great food.

Jeannie Marie said...

What a canvas they have to work with! It's so beautiful and so many layers! I really understand how you can love this house.

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

What a beautiful home!! I often take a drive past my parent's home to see what the owners that bought it after my dad died have done with it. I am thrilled that they have treated it with the loving care that my parents did and my dad would be happy that they home he built is on good hands.....

Thanks so much for stopping by all the time.....


SmilingSally said...

Hi Sherry,

What a gorgeous place you had! I'd have loved to see all of those pumpkins parading up and down the columns. Isn’t it fun finding blues to share?

Happy Blue Monday!

Denise said...

nice pictures