Sunday, October 25, 2015

On The Fence?


                           Are you on the fence about Halloween?  
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             Are you cautiously taking steps?  And asking questions? 
Have you and your family made your decisions about Halloween yet you worry about what others say or believe?  
I've had all these feelings and them some.

I've chosen Sunday to take the time to discuss this topic because I feel that I want to honor God and I pray that my words are received with

You see I want to be on the fence with you.  I want to share the fence co-existing together whether we agree on the subject or not. 

Because you see ultimately its my opinion we really won't know the answer until we are with the Lord and he let's know.

So until then I want to relax and share the fence with you . . . 

Maybe you've done the research and read peoples opinions.  And read the background about Halloween and made your decision. 

Maybe you haven't and you have questions.
Just in case you are still 'on the fence'.
The following list might help you decide or at least give you some information. . . 
Please note I am including the following articles for information only.  I am not either agreeing or disagreeing with the content.

  • . . . Would Jesus avoid Halloween? blog post at Life of a Homeschool Mom. Click Here.
  • . . . To Halloween or Not article posted on CBN.  Click Here.
  • . . . Should Christians Celebrate Halloween article post on CBN.  Click Here.
  • . . . Halloween or Not article post on Christianity Today.  Click Here
        Yes. I am on the fence.  May I share it with you?                                                                          
We could avoid our culture and bubble-wrap our children. Or, we could help them understand that as disciples of Christ we are called to be the “light and salt”. Did Jesus, who ate and drank with sinners, tell his disciples to hide from the world or to transform it?

This year I am not avoiding Halloween.  This year I am remembering my childhood and the fun I had trick or treating.  This year I'm remembering the the wonderful childhood that I had.  I remember the cold Halloween nights.  I also remember going every Sunday to a Baptist Church.  And honestly I can't tell you if there was a
discussion way back then about the topic.  I can't tell you if our church hosted alternative events or if the topic was boycotted.  

This year I am taking a journey and I'm visiting new and old friends and sharing how they participate in Halloween.  I'd love you to come along with me.

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