Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wednesday Wit and Wisdom

                    A funny story for Wit and Wisdom . . . as told by  The Cowboy                          
Part 1                                                                                Source
Moms story. . .
What a 'sweet' picture.  I watched as my darling 'sweet children' walked off down the street collecting candy from the neighbors. 
".Now be sure and watch out for your brother he's little!" I warned her.  
I laughed as I heard her grubbling.  "You really should have been Batman.  Popeye is stupid." 
 I clicked my throat loudly and she turned and smiled the cherub little smile she has.  
As they skipped happily down the street I went back into the house to collect the supplies for the neighborhood party. 
I had to rush to make it around the corner and be at the party at the base community center before the kids arrived. 
It was the early '60s on an American Air Force Base in England.  
A few minutes later I watched Cowboys, Indians, Princesses, Astronauts, and Skeletons run through the door.  
And then Cinderella walked in the door with the Military Police. But where was Popeye? 
Startled I ran to the door asking where is he? Where's your brother? The officer answered saying 'She said he came with you!"  
I was horrified!  Moments later slowly walking up the steps was Popeye.  His little face mask was up revealing his face his precious eyes filled with tears. 
I smiled happily to see my little Popeye clutching his grocery sack to his chest wet and rumpled from the rain that had begun to fall.  
Come back next week for part two.  The story told by Cowboy
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Latane Barton said...

aw, such a sad yet sweet post. Halloween can be scary times for little ones but more so for Mommy I think.

Denise said...

sweet story.

Linda Kay said...

Oh my, poor little guy. Can't wait to hear the rest!

A Colorful World said...

Such a scare! I bet your heart stopped. I bet he was cute as Popeye. Halloween can be a trial! :-)