Friday, June 12, 2015

Shopping For A Dog

I always have to have a dog in my life.  It's been a long time since I've had a puppy.  I think it's time.
My Saturday would be so sweet if  I had a new puppy . . .
              Awww! I want one!!
Dapple Dachshund... The next in the trilogy of dachshunds I have and will have. So in love with them!
Dapple Dachsund
The Beautiful Australian Shepherd-Will start saving for one of these cuties very soon.
Australian Shepherd

Love this puppy face - I would take him home in a heart beat.


Looks like my dog when she was a puppy (except she was brown!). People, this is why she gets away with everything!
Oh my goodness.  I think I am in puppy love!
Beautiful Blue Eyes
What a beautiful face!

Blue Merle Cardigan Welsh Corgi with Blue eyes
Oh my goodness.  I need to stop!  I want them all!

Are you dreamin' of a new puppy now?

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                                                                              One of the prettiest things i've ever seen in my life!! I don't know what it is about horses with blue eyes.. but i fall in love with every single one of them!

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