Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Vacation Dreams

Once upon a time there was a little boy all dressed in his favorite color of Blue Denim . . . 

 Image result for puppy love dog and boy on beach
He walks along a beautiful beach with his faithful companion by his side.  Image result for boy and dog on beach
He counts the days until . . . 

Summer vacation . . .

He dreams of riding along with his uncle 

a tired calf   
(dressed in Blue of course) 
 Image result for old ranch truck

He remembers the old blue pick up he actually got to drive it out in the big 'ole field behind the house.  He had to promise not to tell his mama.


He remembered watchin' even little kids ride and rope . . .

  Image result for little cowboy  watching ranch rodeo
Image result for cowboys on fence
And they all sat on the fence and watched the Cowboys.  

Image result for old blue ranch truck

And every day he walks along the beach and he counts down the days till summer vacation!

And when summer arrives the story will end happily ever after.

Are you dreaming of summer vacation?  Where would you go for a Dream Vacation?
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