Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wit and Wisdom--The Auction/Vacation Part 1


                                                               The Auction

               The auction items caught our eye.  Cowboy memorabilia.  Western Items.  
The date:  Two weeks away.   July 6th.  
The location: 1,055 miles away.   
We looked at each other.  Both of us thinking 'Can we pull this off?'   A vacation.  Why not?  We hadn't really had a real vacation in a few years.  So, we began looking at what can we do around Rapid City.  We were amazed.  It took us only a few hours to decide we are gonna do this.   The logistics might be a bit of a night mare but we made it work.   The Cowboy could only manage a few days.   So brave girl that I am I loaded the kids in the pickup and took off.  
The plan. . . The Cowboy would fly into Rapid City.  We would  hit the auction and then spend a few days in the area.  We had a huge list of things we wanted to see and do.  It was the vacation of a lifetime for us!  And the auction.  It was everything we hoped for. We managed to buy every item we wanted!    
Driving from Texas to South Dakota was a fun and memorable experience.   For this Texas girl 
driving through the rolling hills of Nebraska was a bit scary.  I remember being so afraid of running out of gas!   

The Auction trip was one of our favorite family trips.  We so so many fabulous places.  
We realized American is indeed Beautiful. 

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                                                     Happy Trails
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