Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hear It On Sunday

Our service started with prayer . . .

Father & Son Silhouette

'. . . Please bless little Zane.  Please be with Chaplain Terry and Sherry and may their day be blessed. Please give Chaplain Terry words that you want us to hear.  And please let Chaplain Terry and Sherry hear a message from you too.' (Zane is our grandson.  You can read about his prayer needs here and hereOccasionally he spends the night on Saturday and goes with us to our services.  Two weeks ago was the first time he has been allowed in over a year.)


An amazing prayer where you least expect.  Our congregation consisted today of 25 teenager boys that are serving prison sentences.   And yet I wonder why I 'least expect it'.

I go to service every week expecting; hoping that God will join us in this place.   I pray that God speaks to the hearts of these young me. 

I didn't realize until the words were spoken that I go feeling . . .


Thirsty.  Yes I am Thirsty. Thirsty for companionship.  Thirsty
for adults. 

And yet I am surrounded by 3 years olds (at work) and 17 year olds that sometimes act like 3 year olds.  I smile as I write because they make me smile. 

I am Blessed.  I don't go to be Blessed but I am. 

Is this the message God wanted me to hear? 

I am where he planted me. And I bloom.
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