Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Count Down To Christmas Linky Party #5

Why Christmas in August?  You can read one reason here
But mainly I just love Christmas.  I know you do too even if it is early!

Even though it's early if  this doesn't make you smile.  Well.
Maybe a little story . . .
Once upon time there was a boy.  He was alone even though there were people all around he was sad. 

Everyday he would pass the Christmas tree and he would wish.
Somedays he would even pray.  But he wondered if anyone was listening.  But he knew.  He knew why he was sad.  Why
he was lonely.   Why he wouldn't see his family.  Why he
couldn't buy them gifts.  But he wished

And then one day. They called his name.  He didn't know why.
When your name is called you have to answer.  There is no choice
But this time it was different . . .

He walked in the room he couldn't believe what he saw.  The table was filled with bears, wrapping paper, cards and pencils.  And . . . 
There were even Christmas cookies! In that few minutes a sad and lonely young man began to smile and began to realize that someone cares.  And that maybe just maybe "God wasn't as mad at him as he thought ". . .

This is a story that makes me smile to share.   To see the smile on the faces of these young men melts my heart.  I could share many stories with you but. 

I was thinking that maybe you might have a story to share.  Or maybe a Christmas memory.  When was the last time you dug out your old photo album?  

Around here we love all things Christmas!  Stories, Decorations,
Recipes, Crafts.  It's simple really just link.  No hoops to jump through.  Just get in the spirit and join us!

Maybe you need an idea for a post.   Well our friend at
Debbie Dabble had a great and simple idea last week.
Check it out! Click Here

I would be remiss if I didn't add this amazing video.  Thank you Michelle for being our first link and thanks for the video!

The link is below!  Come and join us!

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