Friday, August 15, 2014

Good Fences Fort Worth Back In The Day Part Two

Yesterday I posted some 'Back In The Day' pics of a Fort Worth Icon. Today I have more! And their Fences! Come along with me on a tour of the Historical Fort Worth Stock Yards . . .
I remember many Sunday afternoons driving across 28th Street bridge.  This was the view.  I still remember the smell. Back then it wasn't so pleasant!

There were literally miles and miles of cattle pens. This is a little before my time but he shows a lot of Fences!

This one from the 60's about the time I would have been driving by on our weekly trips to my grandmothers.  On Sunday afternoons we would make the rounds.  To 'Northside' for one grandmother visit
and then down the street from our house to the other. 

Another shot from back in the day before . . .
To read how it all started click here. This was a fascinating article.

Many years later most of the cattle pens are gone . . .
And in their place a few for the tourists.
A few of the old pens remain for the weekly Rodeo . . .

And Cattle Drives through the streets wow the tourists

Fort Worth Stockyards
                                           All pics found on Google Images
It's been many, many years since my weekly drive over the bridge that crossed over the stock yards. As I child I was always in awe of the area. And now many, many years latter it is alive and thriving again.   Ready for me to shar with my grandkids!    Yep they are coming to visit me and the Fort Worth Stock Yards.  We're gonna be tourists.  Well they will be tourists.  I am a Native!

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Michelle said...

Hi Sherry,

Wow...they have them crammed in, don't they?
I can just imagine the smell.

Have a wonderful time with your grandkids :)

TexWisGirl said...

it certainly has changed to tourist town instead of cattle stockyards. :)

Catherine said...

It is such a blessing to share your memories with your grandkids. I am sure they will enjoy the visit and your memories. Blessings, Catherine

jp@A Green Ridge said...

Talk about a lot of fences!!!!! Enjoy giving the kids the tour,...:)JP