Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sweet or Not Great Tips


Not such a sweet topic today. . . House Cleaning.  Yuck!

I was planning a post about doing a little house cleaning here on the blog.  And while I was thinking I thought I would see what I could find on Pinterest about House cleaning.   Not too sweet but . . .
Easy to fill bucket that doesn't fit in the sink.
This is brilliant! Perfect for the bathroom. I have this problem in my classroom. Now I can fill water play bins fast!

Today I am planning on working on the blog. Cleaning up a little adding something new. Visiting. And as always laundry is going and house work never stops. Before the work lets get some help!

I am going to try this one today!

Coffee filter TV screen cleaner
And here's the link to check out 9 other tips! Click Here.

Here's another tip I need to try . . .

Squeegee Hair Picker Upper - I knew this one, but now I can tell everyone! | 55 Must-Read Cleaning Tips and Tricks
I did something similar.  I used my vented brush.  I work but I bet this works better!

And here's another one I need to remember.   I have thrown away good knifes for this reason . . .
diy home sweet home: 21 Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks....Most of these are compatible with natural cleaning....I don't use ammonia, however.
Here's the link to the bloggers post.  And there are other tips too.

And then I found the coolest blog from a Pin.  Took awhile to find the actual post but it was worth it to scan the other posts!

how to fake an immaculate house

There are some really cool tips.  I love this blogger.  She mentioned in this post that a lot of her organizing tips came from Emalie Barnes.  Have you read her books?  I read them years ago when I was a younger mom.  They are great.  I still have a couple of devotionals that I read over and over. 

Well now that I have been reminded of all these great ideas and tips I am inspired.  Maybe I'll be so inspired I'll even do a house tour!

And using all these tips I know my little house will be all ready for Christmas guests!

My Vintage Mending
Now with all the cleaning done I can think about Christmas gift projects and decorating ideas! It's not too early! Come and join me and Count Down To Christmas. Share any Christmas related post old or new. The link opens every Tuesday and runs all week. It's simple. Just link. No strings. Click Here to Link!

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Patty Sumner said...

What a cool idea with the dust pan.. Love that one.. I cannot even begin to think about Christmas. I am thinking of Fall...I so need, to get the house ready to decorate for Fall.. Have a great Saturday. I am working on some blog things today also....Blessings!

ellen b. said...

Thanks for gathering up these great tips for us. I have to try that lemon juice one!

jp@A Green Ridge said...

Good'll be ready for Labor Day guests at the rate you're going!...:)JP

Michelle said...

There are several tidbits I haven't seen elsewhere.

I like the one about getting cat hair out of carpet. Thanks!!

JES said...

I love housecleaning tips! :) Thanks for linking them up with the Art of Home-Making Mondays Sherry! Hope you have a lovely weekend!