Monday, August 4, 2014

When God Closses Doors-- My New Journey

This past  January I began teaching at a Christian Preschool. 

In two weeks we will begin our school year.  I am excited.  I am Blessed.  I am thankful.  Every day I thank God as I drive in.
Everyday as I walk into my room I am thankful. 

It was a difficult Journey and I am so glad it is over

I teach three year olds.

I spent almost a year looking for a job.  When your over
50 with no education it is really, really hard to find a job.
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The last 10 years I spent managing a non-profit that my Cowboy and I founded.  

When I began my job search it was that experience that I feel back on with both feet jumped into searching for a job in that field. create entrepreneurship business job work career goals

I went on almost a dozen interviews.  Three different non-profits
interviewed and called me back.  One called me back for two other interviews.  Each time I thought I would receive an offer. 

Each time no offer came.  To say I was down and depressed is putting it lightly. 

I began to get more and more depressed and disappointed.  And honestly I began to loose faith.  It was so hard.   
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I truly felt alone and abandoned by God. 

Then I went through a phase of applying for any office/clerical job I could find.  I received no calls.  No interviews. 

More depression.  More questions.  I began to beat myself up for lacking faith. 

It was here on this Journey that I kept myself from completely giving in to the idea of believing that God was punishing me.  Or just didn't care anymore. 

Because here I had to stay strong.  Because here I knew deep down that there might be someone who stopped in that might need a little

And so here I kept it all together. 

And I tried really hard to be cheerful and offer hope and encouragement. 

Today I am not lacking in faith.  For many reasons I see God's hand in where I am now.   

And I remember these words His plans are not my plans.  His ways are not my ways. He does have a bigger plan.  A better plan. 

And even when He seems silent.  He isn't.  All things are working together. 

We have to trust.  We have to have faith. 
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And today I am more empowered than ever to share a little faith, a little trust and a little hope. 

Today I hope that you are encouraged to Trust God more.   And look forward to seeing around that curve.

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Finding Hope along the Journey



Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

That was very brave of you not to lose faith is such a trying time. And I'm so glad you're working with children: they are often a blessing!

Tania said...

Great post! It is all about faith, all the time, everyday.

I am glad that you found a job working with children, hope you have many happy days there :)

God is good in so many ways!


corners of my life said...

Spending your days with three-year-olds will be a fun adventure. Best of luck.

JES said...

Thank you for sharing and encouraging :) I think you will do a great job with the 3 year olds, you have heart!

Take care, JES

Thank you also for linking up with the Art of Home-Making Mondays this week :)