Thursday, May 29, 2014

What would your table say?

 What Would Your Table Say?

So, do you ever wonder if your dining room table could talk what it would say?

Crazy idea. But . . .
. . . stop and think about it?

How many family dinners have been set at your table?
Today I am sharing a special dining room table.  And boy if she could talk the stories she would tell!

This beautiful girl has had many dinners laid out on her.
Many, many prayers have been prayed.

This beauty was donated to the ministry that I founded back
in 2000.  This is one of the last photo's taken before our program ended. 

It is bittersweet to look at the photos from those days.  I remember
when we first added the dinner hour to our program.   Hearing the stories of girls that said they had never sat a table to eat a family meal. 

Well that got me off and running.  I made a few phone calls and the next week we had salads, casseroles, desserts and china to feed these sweet girls. 

It was a sweet and special time.  And then, things changed.
That beautiful table ended up at my home for awhile.

All set and waiting for my daughter to arrive so we could plan a holiday meal.

I enjoyed it while it was with me.  Although we didn't sit at it everyday.  There weren't as many prayers prayed around it. 
It was a beautiful blessing. 

During the time that beautiful table was with us I learned a lot about patience and waiting on the Lord. 

Now it is being used again at a boys home.  I haven't been able to visit.  But I know that once again God is using its beauty to share
and show his love to teenagers that need him desperately.

There are lots and lots of beautiful stories she can tell.
Wow I wonder what sweet stories it could tell now?
So what stories will your table tell

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Until next time. . . Happy Trails
Even if I never ride again in my whole life....these creatures are the love of my life.

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