Sunday, May 25, 2014

Plans for the Day/Week

My day began at church. . .
I love our congregation . . .
It's not your typical group.  Our congregation is a group of boys ages 15-18.  They are in prison . . .
This morning when Cowboy asked "What tools can you use to fight
Satan?"  My heart leapt when they said Matthew 4:10 and John 3:16. 

The remembered.

Cowboy had used the Matthew verse last week and taught them how to remember the reference. 

Matthew the first book in the Bible
4:10 a 4:10 shotgun is called a snake charmer . . .
Satan(the snake) get behind me. Matthew 4:10 . . .

My day started with a smile and a Praise . . .

And it is the beginning of my vacation.  A week off from work.
I love my job!  It is so nice to have little weeks and days off here and there to rest and get caught up at home.  And make plans for my classroom. 

My plans this week include . . .
Sleeping late
Writing blog posts and visiting lots of blogs
Reading (stopped at library on the way home and got 6 books)
Catching up around the house
Giving the dog a bath

But first a nap!

Happy Trails . . .
Make an inference.
This one made me smile. Well actually they all do! Enjoy!
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