Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Romantic Valentines Dinner

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I am planning a Romantic Valentines Day Dinner. 
An evening filled with wonderful food and music.

An evening to share with a special someone . . .


I am planning the decorations.   Cowboy is planning the menu.
And he'll be the chef for this special night. 

This special night we will be serving the meal for a very special couple.  

Our special couple is our daughter and grandson.  This photo was taken on Christmas morning.  His present for us was a wallet with money!  And gift cards for him to use to take his mama on dates. 

Valentines seems to be such a special holiday for so many.  All I am seeing on Pinterest and on blogs are posts and photo's of wonderful ideas for Valentines. 

Valentines is a wonderful time to show our love for our sweet hearts. 

But it is also a wonderful time to show another kind of love.

It is a perfect time to remind someone that even though they may not have a special someone to share a romantic meal with that they are Blessed because there is a special someone that Loves them even more than they can imagine. 

I know a lot of people that will be lonely on Valentines Day. 

I wish that I could make their day special. 

Do you know someone that needs a little extra encouragement? 

Maybe a single mom from your church or someone you work with?

Or, maybe a widow. 

I love this verse.  It reminds me to seek Him and His will for my life.  And reminds me not to let things get in my way of worshipping Him. 

I like to paraphrase this verse though and add: 
By serving others.

This Valentines Day my Cowboy and I are going to make a very special couple happy.  And hopefully they'll say it was the best Valentines Day ever. 

Would you Unite with me and share this thought and serve someone else this Valentines.

Would you take the command and be a Titus Woman and
encourage a younger or older woman this Valentines Day?

Need some ideas?  Stay tuned.  I'll be sharing lots more Valentines day posts.  I would love for you to visit.  Have you signed up to receive my posts via email?  I love this option!

May your day be filled with sweetness and Smiles

Along the Journey . . .


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Denise said...

Sweet, loving ideas.

viviene @ thejourneyofawoman said...

Yes! I'd love to be a Titus woman and serve God and others joyfully. . =)

Jen said...

Love your outward focus for Valentine's Day & how you stir us to look at others...instead of inwardly! Witty play with Titus Women & Unite too! Thanks for linking up! Blessings! ~ jen