Monday, January 28, 2013

Quilty Blues

Welcome to Blue Monday a wonderful way to start the week . . .
Today I am sharing what I have been consumed with for awhile now.
Quilts!   Enjoy!

Tunisian Door, 106 cm x 140 cm, by Margaret Ramsay
Pieced from African fabrics including tie-dye and batik fabrics from Ghana and The Gambia with curved insert ‘gaps’ pieced from indigo and black waxprint . Other fabrics used were Kudinda Ndora Stripe, kola nut and indigo.  The ‘Hand of Fatima’ door knockers and rivet patterns were printed from photographs using ink jet printer onto cotton or silk organza treated with ‘Bubble Jet Set’. Door knockers were hand painted with inktense pencils to match the surrounding batik. Then the artist machine quilted the door with variegated threads.
For some reason doors fascinate me.  I  have shared doors here before for Blue Monday.  But I think this is the first door quilt.  

The next one is a little more traditional.

Garden Stars
I just have to saw Wow about this one.  You know me anything with boots and spurs; spurs me on (LOL)  but check out this website!  I am inspired.  Not actually a quilt the artists site says. . . "Painting The West on Silk".  Just for fun you have to check this out!

old friend
The link on Pinterest didn't work on this one. 

I know not much Blue but as a quilt lover this one got my attention.  I so want to do something like this.   

There are a few more Blues . . .

Beautiful Blue.  This one from Kaffe Fassett's new book.  If your a quilter you know who I am talking about.  If not just enjoy.

A sweet little primitive Blue.

And a fine finish . . .


This quilt titled "Rhapsody in Blue" was a raffle quilt in 2011.  Tickets sold for $1.00.  It was raffeled by Friendship Quilters of
Linthicum, MD. 

I've never been lucky enough to win a raffle quilt.  Maybe someday!  
Until then I'll just dream in Blue. 

May Your Day Be Blessed  and Your Journey
Filled with Smiles,


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