Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How to say I Love You

So what's it all about

Is it the . . .

Or is it the   . . .

Or is it

The one day he remembers to say I Love You?

I love Valentines Day.  I always have.  As a little kid I loved giving and getting Valentines at school.  I loved cutting out hearts from red paper and white doilies. 

But when I began dating I sort of dreaded it.  I dreaded it because I was always afraid I'd be getting that heart shaped box of candy.   And usually I did.  I can't count how many of those boxes of chocolates that my father enjoyed. 

You see for me don't mess up my chocolate by putting anything into it!  Give me a good plain 'ole Hershey's chocolate bar and I am in heaven.  I am happy.

 I am happy with the simpleness of plain 'ole chocolate.  Why ruin it with nuts?

I love Valentines Day.  It gives me a reason to think of ways of showing love. 

But unfortunately it is one of those holidays that a lot of people dread.  Not because they are afraid of that big old box of Chocolates.  Well maybe if they are dieting. 

There are people that are lonely.  People that are not 'currently' in a relationship. 

It's a little like New Years Eve.  So many people think that if they aren't 'with someone' they get all depressed.  I feel sorry for those people.  I feel sorry for the people that get so depressed around holidays that they can't think of a reason to live through another one. 

The sad thing is they don't have to feel that way.  The answer is simple.  It's all in Who your Valentine is.  It's all in who you are waiting to say I Love You . . .



I hope that this Valentine's Day that you hear those words.  And if your 'alone' and not in a relationship that you'll remember that there is someone softly and tenderly whispering those words to you.  

It's a wonderful Journey filled with Smiles and Love . . .




Denise said...

Amen, amen.

Emily Hone said...

I agree with you! Valentines day is a wonderful opportunity to share our love with others and remember the love our Savior and our Heavenly Father has for us! Thanks for the feature too :) :) I am enjoying reading all of your posts! :)