Friday, January 4, 2013

5 Minute Friday-Opportunity

Kickin  off  my blogging year with a flash mob of writers at Five Minute Friday    

And I am happy this one is back with a great word for the New Year...

Opportunity. . .It's what I've prayed for.  It's what I have dreamed of.  An Opportunity for a job. 

It's kind of what I have dreaded.  One part of me dreads going back to work. 

Another part of me knows it is necessary.  And so I've prayed for guidiance and an Opportunity.

And it seems there is none.  Opportunity is rare for an over 50 woman with not much more skill than how to be a wife and mother.  And a few computer skills. 

Opportunity rarely comes knocking to the non-degreed woman.  (that my dears is another post I'll write thoughts on college)

I prayed for an Opportunity to use my sewing skills.   Maybe an opportunity to work with my mom.  But, that door was slammed shut. 

I prayed for an Opportunity to work at a non-profit...I do have some skills.  And, I got an Opportunity!  An open door!  An Opportunity.   And another interview. And another! (3 to be exact)

And then it was slammed shut. 

And I was frustrated.  Feeling alone.  But knowing I had to trust God.  That he has the whole thing worked out.  But I still worry.  And I pray that I won't worry.  But I do. 

And then it happened on Christmas Day an opportunity. And it is amazing.  I have a
meeting tomorrow with a new friend (the sister of an old friend) who is moving her clothing manufacturing business to Texas from California.  And the door is open. 

An Opportunity that I didn't dream of. 

And I say Wow...

On a New Journey . . . Sherry


Anonymous said...

Oh, it's so scary to go back to work, and part of the scariness is the unknown. It seems that God is guiding you through the unknown part by putting you together with someone you already know. Best wishes to you from another un-degreed woman (not over 50 but dangerously close)! I look forward to reading about how your new adventure goes.

Denise said...

Praying for you, and loving you.