Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dummies at Blogging Part One

Making a few changes today.
Opening the shop on February 14th. 
Happy Valentines Day.

  And, announcing a new program. 
I'll be adding some ad space to the blog.
  More details to come soon! As In a few minutes when I finish this post!

But first why this is a Dummies at Blogging post. When I decided to make these changes I knew I didn't want to loose some of the things I have on the sidebar. I only had the one on the right. So I needed to add one on each side. When I did and I don't know why Blogger put two gadgets on the new left sidebar. Kind of weird but maybe that is how it is set up so you know that there are gadgets there. Anyway one was a Christmas photo. And the other was this photo.

Here's where the dummies part comes in. Something has been happening to my computer actually I think Cowboy changed something. We've been getting tons of popups. I think he fixed by changing settings. For a few days I have not been able to add photo's directly to a post from my computer. Another weird thing. The only way I seem to be able to add is to cut and paste. Hence why this photo is here. I didn't want to loose it. So I just copied it into this post. So that then I can save it to the computer again. Now the weirder thing is I can't upload photo's into posts but I can upload them to the gadgets.

So, I pose two questions. Has anything like this happened to anyone else?              
Or Am I the only Dummy at Blogging?

Never mind please don't answer questions #2 

OK.  Before I go I will try to redeem myself.  Part Two of this post coming soon.  How to resize your photo's.  Notice the photo above?

Do you like this one better?

Smiling along the Journey,



Anonymous said...

I like the other size better, the smaller one.

Judith said...

No, I haven't had these problems but I have had lots of difficulties learning the things I needed to along the way. The biggest help I have found was in the book by Jacinda Vandenburgh from the Growing Home for $4.99 on blogging.

Denise said...

you are no dummy, love you.