Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thankful for a Friends Computer/Then Sings My Soul

Technically it's barely Saturday because it is 11p.m. here.

Still having computer and inter-net problems.

Thankfully where I do apartment ministry we have a computer hooked up to the inter-net that residents can use.

I wanted to share this song today for one of 'my boys'. Travis has been asking me to find this song for weeks. No one could remember the name. He actually sang most of the first verse for me. He finally received his box of belongings from orientation and inside the box where the lyrics to songs they sang there.

This is for Travis. I love this kid.  And I want to dedicate this also to someone that has been More than a Friend.  I love you.  I hope your o.k.  

I hope you enjoy!

Starting this on Monday . . .

holy experience

Come and join us.  I found this here

Amy Wyatt inspirse us to Sing on Saturdays.
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