Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What's on my mind . . .

I don't know about you but the holidays are on my mind.  I guess that was probably a silly comment I am sure you are thinking about them too.  
I have missed posting for a few days.  The ministry becomes even busier this time of year. 
I hope you'll come by and see me.  I love the visits.  And because I don't get to be around adults much I especially love it when you leave comments. 
I know you girls out there with babies and preschoolers feel the same way. 
I tell ya what you come by here and leave a comment and I will come and visit you! 
Duty is calling me but I wanted to leave you with a cute little photo!

Everyone is into the holidays.  Look at the expression of determination!  If I know my daughter that batch of party mix won't make it to the end of the week!

Wishing you Blessings today.
Come back tomorrow for WFW I have a good one planned!
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