Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yes I am beautiful . . .

I know so because my father says so & because my friend Melanie says so too. Just look below!

My dear sweet friend Melanie gave me this award awhile back. (That was before all the chaos) Sorry Melanie it has taken me so long to post this and pass it on. I am sure glad there wasn't a time limit. Here's what I am supposed to do:

1. Say something nice about the person who gave you the award.2. Copy and paste the picture.3. Share ten things about yourself that people don't already know.4. Pass the award on to ten other bloggers.

First I am supposed to say something nice about Melanie. Well first she gave me this award that was so nice. Melanie is always sweet to come by and visit and leave me a sweet comment. She was even nice enough to write a post about my cookbook. Here's her post.
Second I am supposed to put the button on. Check
Third write ten things about myself that people don't already know. Hmm. Well don't get bored you have to stay around because you'll be on my list of who I am passing this onto because you are beautiful to me.

1. I love rabbits. I used to have a rabbit named Rhett Butler. He was a flemish giant. (picture the Cadbury bunny) He was 22#. We were going to breed him. His wife was to be Scarlet. I decided rabbits were too hard to raise so he ended up being a bachelor.
2. I love to garden. I love flowers and vegetables. I wish someday to have both types of gardens.
3. I think I love red.
4. I usually visit blogs because I like their names. I am drawn to names that have words like: cottage,cabin,heart, home,quilt.
5. I don't lurk. I usually always leave a comment when I stop in.
6. I love comments.
7. I realized yesterday that is part of my love language. Will you say 'hi' please when you visit me?
8. I prefer pop corn cooked on the stove or in a popper on the stove.
9. I love a nice restaurant meal and coffee (with a kick something like Kalua or Bailey's or something similar) after.
10.Back to the nice meal I look at the dessert menu first then decide what I am eating based on dessert. Must leave room for dessert!

Now my next task to pass on.
1. Kim at Star Shine Chic she is one crafty girl. Love her decorating ideas.
2. Carrie at Farming on Faith writes amazing beautiful posts. What an encourager. I love her chickens.
3. Christa you just have to visit her to see what a beautiful Godly woman she is. I love to visit her home.
4. This is a new favorite I found yesterday. Jill designs templates and has some great tutorials and shares her knowledge for "free". To me that is beautiful.
5. Rachel Anne at Home Sanctuary. I love her blog. I love her sense of humor. I love her suggestions for making my home a sanctuary.
6. And of course how could a list of beautiful people be complete without Denise. I need to say nothing more you all know how amazing she is. If you don't click the link and go and visit her you will be Blessed.
7. My sweet little sis Alicia she is not nearly as flakey as 'she' thinks.
8. My week would not be complete without Wordfilled Wednesday. Amy Deanne you are beautiful.
9. My sweet friend Becky is just as beautiful as her cottage. And Daisy and I just love Dughall and Fiona.
10. Have you met Sandra? She is the amazingly beautiful hostess of Happy Homemaker Monday and she has a great cooking blog too. Go check out her recipes!

So dear ones that is my list of 10. There are many more ladies out there and blogs that I think are beautiful. For a few more of my favorites you can visit my Where I stop along the journey page.

I hope all you guys will accept this beautiful award because you all so deserve it. You all make my day every time I visit you and every time you stop here.

Praying your journey today is Beautiful.
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