Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What's in a name why do you come here?

I have been thinking alot lately and just wondering about those of you that visit here. I mentioned the other day in my I'm beautiful post about what draws me to visit other blogs.
And well I am wondering about what brings you here.

I just love the illustration above. The names of Jesus. Tonight I happend to think about the name Jesus. When I think of His name I am in awe. It just causes me to think reverence. Tonight we had auditions for our drama team at the boys facility. One of the boys names was Jesus. I got to thinking later how hard it would be to have that name. It made me really feel sorry for him. He did not pronounce it in the spainish way he actually pronounced it as Jesus.
What a name to live up to.

And well I was just thinking about what I need to 'live up to here'. I am wondering if you happen to be among those over there on the sidebar that are following. Why do you come here?
Maybe you just happen to come over once in a while and maybe you don't even leave comments but would you do me a favor and leave one here. Let me know why you came by.

Do you like my random thoughts? Do you find Jesus when you come here? Do you read my book reviews? Did you just maybe stumble in and wonder what the heck is going on? And you leave almost as soon as you arrive? Do you mind taking a minute and telling me what your thinking. Even if it is something like 'girl find another hobby'.

I really, really would like to know. You see I love this medium. I love writing and sharing my thoughts, my ideas, my impressions. I love sharing what God is saying to me. I hope that your encouraged when you visit here.

So help me out will 'ya and give me your input. I have been seriously thinking about some huge changes and well I need your help.

What would you change here? And why did you come by?
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