Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday 4 Missions Prayers Answered

First I have to say God answers prayers and all you guys that have prayed for us and the ministry over the last few weeks. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
We started moving into the new house last night. This will be a short post. I have to go wait on cable people. But I had to share the photo's. I'll add captions later.

Photo's of the house. Do you see that tub? Yea! Jets! Yea! Almost my favorite part. I love the brick wall it is the dining room. And my kitchen! I do not deserve this! I am linking to

Mosaic Monday so I can share the good news with everyone that God is good.

Even though the house is a dream come true. Below is the better part!

It is a 50x45 space. 2 more identical spaces connected that we will be getting soon! This first space will house our automotive classes and food pantry and on Sunday our chapel service space! Praise God. Praise God!

Thanks for the prayers. I'll be back on Wed. if not before! Love you all. I hope that God is revealing himself to you. He is there just hang on and have faith!

Linking also to Blue Monday even though there isn't a lot of blue I hope Sally doesn't mind. I didn't have time to do anything Blue! I promise Sally I'll be back next week with a real blue photo!

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